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Newsletter August 2019

Last day of training:
Wednesday 14th August will be the last session until September.

September training:
After our 2 week break in August we will return to normal 2nd September, enjoy your 2 weeks off.

Training fees:
There is only 2 weeks of training during August so fees will be only for half a month £8.25, £12.50, £15 depending on how often.

Licence dates check:
Please check if your licence and membership is up to date, you will need your membership up to date when doing gradings and competitions. 

You’ve been spotted:
Congratulations to the owners of (OV18  ***) you have been spotted and get this month’s unlimited training for free (August 2019).
If you want the chance to get a free months unlimited training or just want to show off your club please take one of our free car stickers. (choose from boy or girl versions)

Summer Olympics 2019:
The first half of the summer Olympics is almost over the points are looking good. Don't forget to check yours :).  Throughout July and August points will be given and won then added to the leader boards. All students in the top 20 will be given a GOLD medal and added to the hall of fame.

Black Trouser:
There are few sizes left more on the way, please order if you need.

Grading results:
Congratulations to. who passed their grades and moved to the next level, Tyla B, Amiya B, Adrian I, David B, Maksymilian K, Josh A, Riley F, Jack C, Dawid S, Rubii C, Tanveer S, Panveer S, Charlie F, Havie P.

Wearing belts:
All students need to wear their belts at all times, please remember them for each lesson.

Free Gifts:

If any of your friends or family members enrol with us we will give you a free gift, choose anything from a t-shirt, a pair of black trousers, sparring gloves.


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