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Newsletter April 2019

Training as normal over Easter:
As usual we will be training as normal over the Easter holidays normal times and days.

Easter Monday Bank holiday closed:
Unfortunately we will be closed on bank holiday Mondays.

Training fees:
It's a new month and training fees are now due thank you.

T-shirts have been flying off the shelf if you are interested please order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment £7.00 each.

Wearing belts:
All students need to wear their belts at all times, please remember them for each lesson.

Free Gifts:
If any of your friends or family members enrol with us we will give you a free gift, choose anything from a t-shirt, a pair of black trousers, sparring gloves.

You’ve been spotted:
Congratulations to the owners of (Yh09 ***) you have been spotted and get this month’s unlimited training for free (April 2019).
If you want the chance to get a free months unlimited training or just want to show off your club please take one of our free car stickers. (choose from boy or girl versions)

Change of address/personal details:
Please ask for a personal details form if you have moved house
or made any contact details change.

Summer Olympics coming soon.....

Updated weekly,

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