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Newsletter January 2018

Welcome to a new year:
Welcome back to you all.  We hope you had a great winter break!
Last year went way too fast but was great and a lot of fun,
we hope that all have enjoyed your time with us and that you are
looking forward to an exciting and powerful new year.

First training day 2018:
All classes will be back to normal on Monday 8th January 2018,
all classes will now be back to normal.

Training fees:
Its a new month so training fees are now due thank you.

Change of address/personal details:
Please ask for a personal details form if you have moved house
or made any contact details change.

Grading letters:
If you are eligible and ready to take part in the next grading you will be given a application letter, make you return it in time so you don't miss your place.

Updated weekly:
this page will be updated as the news happens so keep checking when you can :)

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