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Newsletter January 2019

Fantastic start to the year:
What a fantastic start to the new year. All groups have taken to the new training routines and although some of the stuff is harder than before everyone has shown so much effort its amazing. Good luck everyone and keep it up.

Normal training for half-term:
we will be open and training as normal during the half-term week see you there :).

Training fees:
It's a new month and training fees are now due thank you.

Wearing belts:
All students need to wear their belts at all times, please remember them for each lesson.

You’ve been spotted:
Congratulations to the owners of (BT58 ***) you have been spotted and get this month’s unlimited training for free (February 2019).
If you want the chance to get a free months unlimited training or just want to show off your club please take one of our free car stickers. (choose from boy or girl versions)

Change of address/personal details:
Please ask for a personal details form if you have moved house
or made any contact details change.

Updated weekly,

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