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Newsletter December 2018

Last Training Day 2018:
Wednesday 19th December will be our last day I hope you can all make it we will train well to make up for the holiday :).

Training fees are due: (it is only a 3 week month December so training fees different)
Please bring all fees ready for the new month, £12, £19, £25 or £4.20 per lesson thank you.

Grading results:
Congratulations to. who passed their grades and moved to the next level Dean, Sean, Al-Ahsan, Isaac, Kiera, Ellouise, Tristan, Hannah, Cedric, Ariana, Theo, Charlie, Tanveer, Panveer, Adam, Alfie, Sophie, Rubii, Ryan, Oliver, Sam, Courtney, John, Kaden, Kai, Rhys, Oliwier, Annabel, Nikolas, Ella, Angus, Charlie, Andy.

First day training 2019:
The first day back in the new year will be Monday 7th January 2019.

Wearing belts:
All students need to wear their belts at all times, please remember them for each lesson.

Change of address/personal details:
Please ask for a personal details form if you have moved house
or made any contact details change.

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