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Newsletter October 2019

Open half term:
We will be running classes as normal during half term week.

Grading in October:
Grading letters are going out this week for all students who are ready and eligible please check your membership is up to date.

Taekwondo summer olympics:
Congratulations to Ryan S, Jamie H, Harley S, Owen B, Erin H, Archie N, Mia L, Iyla B, Amiya B, James S, Dawid S, David B, Adam K, Austin S, Michael C, Charlie G, Matthew M, Tanveer S, Panveer S, Oliver C, this year the scores were higher than ever.

You’ve been spotted:
Congratulations to the owners of (LW02 ***) you have been spotted and get this month’s unlimited training for free (October 2019).
If you want the chance to get a free months unlimited training or just want to show off your club please take one of our free car stickers. (choose from boy or girl versions)

Training fees due:
It's a new month so please remember to bring in your training fees thank you.
(£16.50, £25.50, £30.00)

Black Trouser:
There slight delay on black trousers at the moment sorry will notify as soon as back.

Wearing belts:
All students need to wear their belts at all times, please remember them for each lesson.

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