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Newsletter October 2017

Training fees:
It's a new month and training fees are now due thank you.

Grading letters:
If you are eligible and ready to take part in the next grading you will be given a application letter, make you return it in time so you don't miss your place.

Half-term classes as normal:
All classes are running as normal during half-term.

Olympic results:
Congratulations to everyone who got a gold medal this year,
Emily, Isabelle, Jake, Jake, Courtney, Michael, Lewis, Ella, James, Erin, Jamie, Charlie, Ryan, Oliver, Harvie, Cameron, Campbell, Hannah, Kasper, Matthew.
Wearing belts:
All students need to wear their belts at all times, please remember them for each lesson.

This month if one of your friends or family join/enrol you can pick from gloves, black trousers, shin pads t-shirts, as a free gift.

You’ve been spotted:
Congratulations to the owners of (CY07 ***) you have been spotted and get this month’s unlimited training for free (October 2017).
If you want the chance to get a free months unlimited training or just want to show off your club please take one of our free car stickers. (choose from boy or girl versions)

UK Competitions:
UK Open - 2 Days - 11th & 12th November 2017
INCLUDING The 4 Nations Championships spectator event !
make sure you don't miss this one Guildford Spectrum Parkway Guildford Surrey
Registration and contact details:

UK Competitions:
ITF Open British Championships 25 NOVEMBER 2017 K2 Freedom Leisure Centre,
Crawley, RH11 9BQ
Registration and contact details:

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