December 2023

Training fees are due: (TWO WEEKS ONLY)
It's a new month and training fees are due, thank you.

Well done to our newest black belts, very well deserved. Ross, Sophie, Wiktoria. ******Outstanding progress******.

Grading results:
Congratulations to everyone, who passed their grade and have moved onto the next level, Oscar, Fyn, Kate, Milan, Jakub Mikolaj, Roman, Leo, Hania, Jasmine, Isaac, Patrick, Teddy, William, Ryan, Logan, Toby, Thea, Alexis, Wesley.

Last training day 2023:
Wednesday December 13th is the last training day of 2023 before the break.

First training day 2024:
Monday 8th January is the first training day of 2024. 

It's back, we are bringing back a friend's rewards. If any of your friends or family join (enrol) you can choose a free gift, gloves, t-shirt, trousers, your next grading or even a month's training for free.

Tee shirts:
All t-shirt sizes are back in stock :)

Delay on trousers:
120, 130cm trousers are still out of stock. We have been told they will not be back until the middle of December.

Diary dates:

Grading 11th - 13th December 
Last training day 2023: Wednesday 13th December.
First training day 2024: Monday 8th January.

Social Media:

The social media sites are updated also daily, Twitter (@TkdSouthSchools), FB, Web (, Instagram (tkdsouth_schools)

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