Before you come back to training please read the whole page thank you.

Personal health

This may go without saying but please take a moment to really consider your own health before visiting. If you or anyone you have been in contact with have any of the COVID-19 symptoms identified here on the government website then ensure you have fully followed the appropriate guidelines for self-isolation.
Please don’t be offended if you are asked you about your current or recent health. This is all part of our due diligence to keep us all safe.

Temperature checks:
We have a digital infrared non-contact forehead thermometer gun, for any students who come to train if needed.
(Update) One way system, parents/guardians drop off:
Drop off will be at the main door for all venues. Please adhere to the 1+ metre social distance rule whilst waiting to enter the class.
We will asking parents guardians to drop students off and either use the gardens or carparks (whilst socially distancing) to wait during lessons so we can as much space as possible for students.. We will use one door for in and one door for out.
Parents can no longer wait inside the building. Please adhere to the 1+ metre social distance rule whilst waiting to collect your child.

Face Coverings
We know that a facemask can help prevent the spread of this virus. We also know that participating in a sporting activity whilst wearing a mask might not feel helpful or wanted.
So here’s our stance; you can wear a facemask if you would like to,  mask are not compulsory though and there is no judgment on those who choose not to.

(Update) Uniform/training clothes:
All students, where possible, must be dressed, ready to start the class before entering the building. We would advise wearing casual clothes over the top of dance clothes as there will be no changing facilities. .
Bathroom breaks:
We ask that you use the toilet before coming to class where possible, but if needed one person at a time using toilet, all students will be ask to make sure they wash their hands during any breaks.

(Update) Safety for all:
All staff will maintain appropriate social distancing from your students during lessons

Hand washing/sanitizer:
Washing hands start middle and end of lessons. (More if needed), there will also be hand sanitizer available as well.

(Update) No excess belongings:
Please refrain from bringing any excess belongings to class but we would appreciate that you bring your own own water bottle.

New extra options for payments:
We can now except card payments with contactless up to £30, we also accept bank transfers and direct debits/standing order type payments. Cash and cheque are still fine but no change can be given. 

(update) Contact details:
Please ensure that you have given us up to date contact information so that we can enable the test and trace process if necessary. All students/parents/guardians will be informed if there has been a positive covid-19 result within their  class. If we are asked to change any of the guidance we will let you know straight away.

Footwear (optional)
Grip / trampoline / Yoga socks can be worn at all times, shoes can be worn,
expect during pad works sparring or mat activities.

No sharing of equipment:
If you have gloves etc you will be asked to bring them to class, at this time there
will be no shared equipment. Pad holders will be kept to a minimum and only one per evening.

(update) Cleaning time:
Your class will reduced by 5 minutes to allow staff to clean down used areas. This will be the case for every lesson. Please make sure you collect your child five minutes sooner than usual.

1 metre rule for all students:
Apart from where necessary students will be asked to do their best to keep roughly a metre apart ;)

Covid Risk assessment policy

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