Our goals:
We aim to help children channel their energy into something positive. We also aim to help all students develop confidence and to be able to defend themselves. Our training program is a great way for children to burn energy and for adults to learn self defence and stay fit. We can help you develop self-confidence, fitness & discipline.

The art:
Taekwondo is a great martial art based on scientific principles. During training students learn ground work, pad work, patterns and sparring. We also do destruction which helps build confidence within your techniques. Taekwondo is also a way to keep fit and healthy and it can be a great part of your life. Taekwondo is designed for all ages and fitness levels.

Club schemes:
Our students have the opportunity to be an assistant instructor as a reward for their behaviour and achievements in class.

Every summer we hold Summer Olympics where students will challenge each other and try and gain medals in various events.

We also run a "Bring a friend" scheme which again you will be rewarded for.

"You've been spotted!" scheme give you a chance win a free month unlimited training and show off your club.

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